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As a young boy he was greatly influenced by his father, a noted drummer in his own right, and by the many musicians that he was introduced to. In his mid-teens, Captain G.Q. began DJ-ing in the clubs and at events. His goal has remained the same throughout his career: "To create my own music with my own style". The demand for the talents of Captain G.Q. is not surprising to those who know this dedicated individual.

In 1995, Captain G.Q. collaborated with his first producer. Together they recorded his first album entitled "Here I Come". Three singles were released from this album under the NUMUZIK label. The singles, "Rockin Through The Night", "Here I Come" and "Come On and Dance" were very successful on the overseas charts.

Shortly thereafter, Captain G.Q. started working on his second album entitled "Take a Chance", which he wrote and produced on his own. This album was released in 1999. The first single released from "Take a Chance" was "Spring Love" , which also topped many dance charts. Captain G.Q. ' style has attracted a steady stream of budding and established recording artists, seeking him out of his studio savvy and musical smarts. Ultimately, Captain G.Q. opened his own recording studio, and label which is called Clear Sound Records. When not on one of his busy tour schedules, Captain G.Q. can be found there, recording and producing various dance artists and developing new material for his own repertoire.

The 1996 tour in support of the album "Here I Come", found Captain G.Q. touring and performing with the likes of Dr. Alban, Le Click, Real Mc.Coy, JK, C&C Music Factory, Black Box, and La Bouche, performing in New York, Chicago, New Jersey and Detroit. Captain G.Q. recalls it as "A great experience. To be performing with these artists was an inspiration to me".

In 1996, Captain G.Q. received a Certificate of Nomination from the First Annual Cyberspace Euro-Energy Awards as voted by dance music fans and DJ's from around the world and carried out entirely over the Internet. From year 2000-2006 Captain G.Q. was busy recording and producing various artists. In 2007 Captain G.Q. released The Best Of Captain G.Q. and in 2011 Captain G.Q. released his New Hit Single entitled "Let's Get Naked" Feat. Sal which was very successful. In 2012 Captain G.Q. released his another Singles entitled "Once In A Lifetime","Woman In Love" Remix Feat. Kaya Jones ex-Pussycat Doll and "Dirty Mind". After that  Captain G.Q. was busy recording and producing various artists.In 2014 Captain G.Q. released another Single entitled "Bang Down" which reached number 8 on the Top 40 Dance Chart in Poland. In 2015 - 2016 Captain G.Q. came out with another single entitled "I'm In Love", and in 2017 Captain G.Q. released his newest hit single "Pleasure" with Michelle White which is climbing the charts.

Captain G.Q.


1995 - 2017

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